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My Story for All

Lost in many thunderous mindful thoughts, one night it hit me – I wanted to be able to tell my stories based off of real life events in a lavishly artistic fantastic way. I kept dreaming of many concepts that came through my soul as the years gone by, gathering experience that I would always wish to perform in memory of them someway.

Finally the time has come to be able to open myself in this side and express another way through a distinctively deviant style from the rest. What comes close to this form factor is basically DC comics or Marvel comics. To start, I have created a character based on myself, but it paints out in a more wildly way. From this point on I desire to inspire other so follow and create their own magical worlds within the umbrella of Tribus Fábula (Tribal Legends/fables).

I hope you enjoy!


Fear that we don’t face become our limits.

– Robin Sharma

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