Hey guys,

I’m currently working on creating a graphic novel expression in parallel to the live action/animation series as to have preliminary content ready before an episode is released. Each chapter will represent an episode since first hand I create storyboards for it. It’s a bridge and also something to be able to have more current than waiting for an episode to drop.

Storyboard from episode 01

But since cleaning up the story takes time it helps me polish the story better so you would actually see 2 versions of it before the final cut.

The issue here is that it’s going to take still a bit to get everything out the door unfortunately. I’m currently trying to find a second job to help me and since I am the sole creator here, I’m divided up by many factors. I haven’t given up yet but it feels really challenging to balance my time out now than ever before since I’m financially struggling.

I always though been having the feeling that once I’m able to keep a consistent track on my works that it will pick up traction and many will start to notice me. This project though is designed for a multitude of other creators to jump on into it as an anthology of stories winding up together under one umbrella. I diligently work my art stuff at work when I possibly get around some down time. The past few months though I’ve been romantically involved with someone that has been taking all my time away and finally now I’m making things work with a schedule. It is alway present that I will try to keep going on my art stuff regardless of hardships and imbalances in my time but just know it takes a lot of patience with me and I only ask of yours.

Anyway, I set a new deadline. The next episode I’ll have it ready by June as I’m currently starting up now to work on it. Why so long you ask? Because of the aforementioned points– Not enough money to settle my anxiety with trying to cover the bills and my time has been cut in pieces to generally focus because of that and other factors (relationship, chores, etc). The mini updates that I hope to get going will focus on a cleaned up storyboard to post here before I drop an episode to give you guys something.

Now with all that said I thank you and wish you a wonderful new day! See you soon!